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Foundation Repair

Many older structures have damaged foundations. By repairing these foundations, homeowners can add a great deal of earthquake resilience to their structure. After performing a large number of these foundation repairs, SFT Construction has become an expert and can evaluate foundations and suggest the most efficient repairs to the foundation.

Foundation repairs can vary in complexity and size. However, foundation repair is most commonly needed when foundations are constructed on expansive clay or compressible soils. These soils often settle and cause the foundation to crack or break.


Sunken foundations are the most common form of foundation problem. There are two main types of repairs for sunken foundations. Piering is when piers, additional vertical supports, are added below the sunken foundation to both lift and support it. Slabjacking is when a grout mixture is injected under the sunken foundation to lift and support it. 

Other foundation problems can be repaired using braces, anchors, or other supplemental components. In addition to the more complex foundation repairs, SFT Construction can also perform any of the more minor foundation repairs necessary.

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