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We are Absolutely Proud of our Projects.

1970 S Garth Ave

Soft Retrofit

5702 Lexitngton

Soft Retrofit

6137 Alcott St

Soft Retrofit

1955 S Garth Ave

Soft Retrofit

376 N Ave 57th

Soft Retrofit

5665Franklin Ave

Soft Retrofit

5044 W Maplewood Ave

Soft Retrofit

724 N Sweetzer Ave

Soft Retrofit

320 S Harvard Blvd

Soft Retrofit

4051 Mclaughlin Ave

Soft Retrofit

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Word on the Street

Cheryl R

Great experience with SFT Construction. We were very apprehensive before the work started, but Farzad was professional and competent, and completely eased our worries. Farzad's team completed the job in time and within budget. Very pleased.

Jack B.

Our six-unit, Edwardian condominium building in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury neighborhood was required by the city's seismic retrofit ordinance to upgrade the building's structural earthquake resistance. The homeowners association retained a structural engineer, who produced the design and construction documents, after which we interviewed and solicited bid proposals from seven contractors, including SFT Construction. SFT was very proactive in this phase, providing very positive owner reviews of previously completed projects, taking us to visit two of those projects, and submitting a very competitive bid. After thorough analysis, we selected and contracted SFT, which began construction in February 2017 and completed the work about two months later. SFT did a superlative job on our project. Shayan Mir, the project manager, and Sean Tal, the on-site job captain, led a very efficient, responsive, conscientious team. The quality of their work was high; they were careful during construction; and they dealt with the few unanticipated conditions in a straightforward manner. As an architect with experience in design and construction, I'm happy to recommend SFT Construction highly, without reservation. Their work's quality, their well-organized work process, and their responsive communications with us resulted in a finished project that we're very pleased with. I am available to answer any questions other interested property owners may have about our experience with SFT.

Conor M.

Our property management company has enlisted SFT's services to execute the mandatory Seismic retrofit for 4 of our apartment buildings in San Francisco. We got several job bids for the work and SFT consistently produced the most competitive price for all of the projects. The first building was completed ahead of schedule with minimal complications. They left the job site clean and finished. They are a design/build group which means they take care of everything from the engineering, permitting, construction and construction management. This is a much better system than hiring a separate engineer who will most likely "over-engineer" the work to be done resulting in higher construction costs. There were a few instances where they did not communicate clearly how the job would affect the tenants, but this was quickly resolved and now we have clear expectations and a protocol in place to insure the projects run smooth and the tenants are affected as little as possible. Their in house construction management team is very helpful, effective and always available. We would highly recommend them.

Edward A.

I chose SFT to do the Seismic retrofit on my 6 unit building because they were very price competitive and their strong references. I also like working with both Fred and Shayan, they answered all my concerns and update some contract issues that I had with no problem. The work went relatively smooth, we had some issues with the structural drawings that required us to rework some of the plumbing and electrical. I would budget an extra 10% to 15% more just to make sure you cover some of the unknowns. What I really like about them was Sean, the job supervisor. He was very responsive to any issue via phone or text. He always followed up with me or the other owners. As with any construction job, there will be problems but having a guy that you can trust, like Sean, makes the whole difference. The only negative I have is that they did not inform me that I needed to hire a structural inspector who quoted me $8K (actually was $4K). Overall, I would recommend them

Ron B.

Had SFT construction handle my retrofit on my apartment building. Every efficient started on time left the area where they worked very clean. The big plus was that told me how long the job would take and finished ahead of schedule. They also have an engineering department. So basically they can do it all from start to finish.

Ron C.

SFT performed two seismic retrofits for us, a 6-unit apartment building and a 12-unit. SFT outbid approximately 8 other firms for each of the projects, and there were no unanticipated cost overruns. The design/permit phase took about 2 months for each building. The construction phase displaced the tenants' parking for one month for the 6-unit, and two months for the 12-unit, as promised. Farzad and Shayan almost always responded to my questions within minutes. I recommend SFT based on its cost and efficiency.

Alfonso L.

I chose SFT to do the Seismic retrofit on my 6 unit building because they encouraged me to visit sites where they were doing similar work. What sold me on SFT was that were able to show me their work on buildings that was almost with same as mine. Other firms were not able to show me this. I also chose SFT because they did every from design/permitting and construction. It really gave me comfort knowing that one party was going to be responsible for the work. The work went very smoothly with minimal disruption and it was completed. Even when there was an addition complication involving a an electric service upgrade Shayan found and orchestrated a workaround that worked for all parties. I am very pleased with SFT's work and I will provide an update to this review once they complete the change order (that I initiated). I would high recommend SFT on any future work.

Robert C.

I have managed, as s property owner representative, five soft story projects in San Francisco in past year. SFT Construction performed the seismic work on three of these projects and did excellent work. They passed all independent and Coty of San Francisco inspections. Kept change orders to a minimum and met project completion date. Also, did a good job in addressing all punch list items at the end of construction.

Hamid K.

I was referred to SFT construction by a good friend of mine Patrick. I own a 65 years old single family house in Larky park area in Walnut Creek, CA. I called them up and set up a time for an estimate. A gentleman showed up right on time and had gone over the project with me. Their bid was by far the lowest one and I was surprised by the level of their professionalism. We signed the contract and they did deliver what they promised. On time and on budget.

Mary Anne B.

After thorough research and multiple quotes from experienced contractors we finally chose Fred and SFT Construction. With so much invested, finding a trustworthy, reliable, upfront, experienced yet reasonably priced contractor was a daunting task. My family couldn't be more pleased with SFT construction!!! I was impressed with their initial designs that seemed more structurally sound than other proposals. Their high-quality work was approved by inspectors every step of the way. They have gone above and beyond by doing additional primer and painting, removing additional debris, and making sure the finishing touches were perfect. I strongly believe in you get what you pay for. SFT was not the cheapest, but it was well worth it for the peace of mind. They finished our 3-story apartment building on-time in 2 months! Truly a job well done!

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